Record music broadcasted by Internet radio stations



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StreamWriter allows you to record any Internet radio broadcast in MP3 or ACC format with just a click.

You must first filter through the more than 1,500 broadcasts that the program will find at any moment. You can filter them by bit rate, genre, or directly by manually establishing the search string. Once you find which station you want to record, all you have to do is double click it to add it.

The options provided by StreamWriter will allow you to establish a minimum space on the hard drive at which point the program will stop recording. Also, you can configure it so the program deletes the parts that are too short to be songs, eliminating the advertising and saving space in the process.

StreamWriter is able to download as many radio stations as you choose on the list simultaneously (although the speed will diminish). Additionally, it is compatible with almost every music player, such as Winamp or Windows Media Player, from which it will stream any radio station you want to listen to.
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